QTTSC team
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    Last modified: November 24, 2016 09:23:35.

    Team members
    Dr. Khalifa al Khalifa Director Qatar Transportation and Traffic Safety Center
    Associate Professor at Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Department
    (+974) 4403-4310
    Dr. Mohamed Kharbeche Senior researcher
    +974 4403-4328
    Dr. Wael AlHajyaseen Assistant Professor for Research
    Dr. Galal M. Mohammed Abdella Research Fellow
    Eng. Maha Tayseer Project coordinator
    (+974) 4403-6376
    Eng. Semira Omar Mohammed Senior Researcher
    +974 4403 4321
    Dr. Wael Alhajyaseen Assistant professor for research


    People associated with the center
    Dr. Noor Ali S A Al-Maadeed Assistant Professor of Computer Engineering
    (+974) 4403-4280
    Dr. Mohamed Ghanim Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering
    (+974) 4403-4187
    Dr. Abdel Majed Hamouda Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Engineering
    +974 4403 4303
    +974 4403 4201
    Dr. Faris Tarlochan Professor of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
    (+974) 4403-4367

    Qatar Transportation and Traffic Safety Center

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