Vision & Mission
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    Last modified: November 24, 2016 09:23:37.


    To become the premier Center of Excellence that addresses the national and regional challenges for safe, efficient and environmentally sustainable transportation systems.

    Mission Statement:

    The QTTSC mission is to advance transportation studies through research, development, education and community engagement.


    • Foster local and international collaborative and multidisciplinary transportation and traffic safety research.
    • Serve as a hub for expertise in transportation and traffic safety research in Qatar by providing guidance to improve the safety, efficiency and sustainability of transport.
    • Build local capacity and future expertise by offering high quality graduate and undergraduate programs.
    • Provide for continuous professional development needs of transportation-related professionals in Qatar through the provision of accessible, specialist training.
    • Disseminate research results and outcomes with stakeholders in Qatar and the region including government agencies, public and private organizations, and educational institutions, and with the global community. 
    • Provide community outreach education programs. 

    Qatar Transportation and Traffic Safety Center

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